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An Open Eulogy to Nigerian mislaid Youths

By Rev Fr. Evaristus Offor

Youths are nation-builders and the stalwarts underpinning of any nation that will be gaudily consummate. Jesus Christ as an avant-garde youth quivered the world to its inventive physical and spiritual waft. He shed his blood in order to save all peoples. He became the most powerful young man on earth and glorified because he obeyed the Father’s will. We can imagine what a youthful ardor that he subtly applied altruistically for the sovereignty of humanity. He was anointed with the chrism of authority to save humanity from endless damnation. He allowed sinners to kill him, but resiliently rose on the third day for a new world order. He preached the gospel of justice and peace and abrogated every kind of violence in his missionary trajectory. So any country that doesn’t cherish and nurture its youths will surely have no affirmative future. That country is better dead than exist desperately in the state of nature. That country will ever be blindfolded with unprincipled souls and characters that will be drivers of its politics and economy.

Hence, every right thinking person knows that youths anywhere in the world are the thrusting dynamism and beam of any nation that wants brisk development. A well cultured and endorsed youth is a radiant and an acceleration to his country’s connected mellowness. Youths when well skilled and cared for integrally should be the swaying get-up-and-go swiftness of any country’s rareness and reserves.

Our avid youths have never been allowed to give all they have for the common good. Indeed, they have timelessly been impecuniously treated that made their talents masked in their minds. The joy of it is that the more you covet to authoritatively jettison their talents, the more they perform wonders locally and internationally in all fields of human endeavors. They have continued to bring accolades to the country.

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In soccer and arts, entertainment and athletics, are they not world champions? In religious circles, are they not in gaggles waiting for the Lord in service to humanity? In trade, they are merchants with handy prowess and finesse and God knows that our leaders are not getting it right for our youths. Our youths have blown just for a few weeks and the country was has quaked on the margin of inestimable snag. Our politicians, who are bereft of any thinkable wisdom and professional expertise, have been blowing hot around governance without any progress. The youth want a changed Nigeria in opulence. Our youths have long been disgusted with the hocus-pocus type of our democracy. Things have really gone topsy-turvy, to the extent that even legislators have been pocketed by the executive they are supposed to checkmate.

Youths have got a prayer to say: ‘’give us a better Nigeria’’. For them, this is the time for us to figure out where we have been doing wrong, and why good times have eluded us for so long, in spite of our human and natural gifts. They know our leaders are not doing right things and wonder how can’t they make it right even for once. Our leaders have been thoughtlessly trying to fix the country without a razor-sharp reflection, willpower, or fear of God. Since, our old but gauchely politicians have failed us, our youths want the magic of protests to last for more than once, in order to make things right. They have yearned for a breakthrough in our polity, but our politicians have steadily proved to be politically imbecilic.

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 Our youths want to understand why Nigeria is always retrogressive instead of positively realistic. They want to know why importunate injustice, inequity, tribalism and religious oppression thrive unobstructed in our national polity. They want to know why all of us can’t get ourselves in hand and admit to one another that our recycling politicians have failed us. While Socrates was murdered trying to morally mold the youth, here our own politicians are killing our youths’ providence. Our youths are goaded because we interminably lack everything good in this superbly moneyed country. They are angry because the rich is becoming wealthier while millions are beseeching and extremely suffering for survival. Our youths are angry because electricity suppliers are trading with the masses’ rights due to lack of steady power supply and weird monthly bills, and no apologies. Our youths want only the best for us now or our leaders will see hell-in-a-cell garish scenes soon.

Presently, our youths are craving to obliterate all principles that bring us woes and grief which are pointless rivalry, dissidence and distinction. Since, our politicians are uncultivated  and ham-fisted and their leadership’ style only designed for  competitions over power, arrays of SUVs and skyscrapers, maximized numbers of concubines, hence our youths want to  swap them in 2023. Since our old-stock politicians have left principles of democracy to invade our sensibilities just for immoderate hunt for personal gains, the only needful is change.

Youths don’t want any more cartelism and narcissism and political gerrymandering, whereby leaders have retunes of security guards nurtured with public funds, while armed bandits and rogues, kidnappers and Fulani herders have been let baggy. They want to checkmate our politicians’ abilities and love for moral dissipation, who use injustice and mis-governance to make themselves masters of the people and seize public goods. They seek self-glory, engaging our common resources to make life solitary, nasty, brutish and short for the masses. They lack reasonable conscience in leadership, lest they uplift the poor masses’ general welfare. They have ditched rationality to spite universal basis of morality in man that lies in his rational nature. Our youths should not rest on their oars until empires of most of our loopy political leaders are peacefully shifted to futility. Unite forces with some youthful and charismatic politicians, such as Senator Orji Uzor Kalu and Prince Lawrence Eze of Mbulumbu of Enugu State, etc, to make things right especially before and during 2023 elections. In fact, youths, dialogue is the answer.

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The Choice Flame Newspaper is geared towards blazing the trail in modern journalism, committed to smart, truth-centered, in-depth and objective reporting on the Church and society through quality contents that empower and elevate the human spirit. It is the publication of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu with the aim to dispel darkness.

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  1. A very beautiful article presented in the best literary style. Well done Fr. Evaristus, you have done well. But, please next time try harder to avoid the Achilles’s heel of the last five lines of your article.

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