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An urgent need to redeem Nigeria’s battered Image


In Nigeria, Corruption has become the normal routine of successive government. The increasing rate of corruption is intrinsically interwoven with leadership problem. Since the early days of independence, the successive leaders have performed below expectation; they have been more concerned with accumulation of wealth rather than development of the country. Considering the large amount of human and natural resources, and the unlimited opportunities and possibilities that abound in the country, instead of bringing the much needed development and building institutions that will improve the lives of the people, these leaders have succeeded in exploiting and impoverishing the masses and have caused a colossal waste of natural and human resource.

Nigeria’s bad leadership is not the fault of the government itself, as Joseph de Maistre once said, “every nation gets the leadership it deserves”. 

Sometimes, realities facing us point to the unfortunate fact that maybe Nigerians are not truly concerned about the state of their country. How can we have a country that celebrates mediocrity over excellence?  Greed and wealth of value and moral? Hyprocrisy over honesty and sincerity? And many more. The country is fast on a track road to self-destruction and possibly to an eventual implosion which the aftermath might not be controlled.

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Currently, the country has become the mockery of the world, we make the top lists across the globe for all the wrong reasons. This is not withstanding that a vast majority of her citizens are still making the country proud in different works of life.

However, the penchant to be tagged with every negative development and crimes in the world has risen to a very worrisome level. It now seems that a nation’s national pride is eroding and in the eyes of the rest of the world, we are a country that condones every societal ills and wrongs that are seriously frowned at in a sane society.

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It is clearly evident in our daily affairs. The people who can actually do something would rather not be involved and would leave elsewhere for a “better life”, the agonizing complication about this is that the people who leave for other countries in search of greener pastures are the ones with the requisite skills that can truly have an impact on the country, majority that remain behind are plagued by ignorance, it is very evident in the last election.

Out of the 200 million+ population, about 28 million voted. A measly 14% of the population, what is found laughable is that this is actually one of the best voting turn outs in the country’s democratic history. The indifference, foolishness and ambivalence of a citizenry followed by callousness and mismanagement of its leaders gives you an environment like Nigeria.

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It is improbable to think that just only telling the Nigerian people what to do will ever work, however creating an environment or rather giving them a glimpse of how a good government can impact a country, will more than likely spark an awakening.

We are not just optimistic, we are also a believer in the greater tomorrow for Nigeria, and we believe sooner or later Nigeria will wake up and will be weary of what it has become. Our Moses is on the way to lead the exodus of Nigerians into freedom. As long as there are Nigerians who still love and believe in this country, there’s still hope.

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  1. I believe in this country.. I know in my heart that all Nigerians are here toplay a specific role
    And I believe in this role of which I know that God has created me to play” A leader”role.
    Giants are rising in this Nation as i’m writing this now who will take this nation to the upper most part of the world

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