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 Holiday time: The need to expand the learning horizon of your kids

The holiday is here, the kids are back home and as usual, many parents have already made plans on how to enroll their wards in the different holiday classes that will be operating across the state. However, with the demand of today’s world and how this will certainly shape the future, young people should be encouraged to take up with new challenges and expand their horizon.

In today’s top notch career demands is centered on technology. With organizations like Google, Facebook, Microsoft helping shape the tide of activities in the world as we know it, it is no longer news that the demands of the 21st century and certainly the next century shall be a world that has taken a paradigm shift from what it used to be known, to the world totally shaped by Artificial Intelligence, advance technology and machine/human shaped relations.

Our society today is dominated and even driven by ideas and product from science and technology. The influence of science and technology on our lives will continue to increase in the years to come. Scientific and technological knowledge and skills invade all realms of life in our modern society. The society is increasingly dependent on new as well as established technologies, knowledge and skills in science which are crucial for most of our actions and decision, as workers, voters, and consumers.

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Modern societies need people with science and technology trainings, as well as a general public with broad understanding of science and technology contents, methods and as a social force shaping the future. Science and technology are major cultural products of human history, all citizens independent of occupational need needs to be acquainted with this part of human culture. Science and technology are important for the economic well-being, but also seen from the perspective of a broadly based liberal education. One might expect that the increasing significance of science and technology should be accompanied with a parallel growth in the interest in these subjects as well as increasing understanding of basic scientific ideas and ways of thinking. This however, is not the case. Lack of ideal resources for science teaching and learning in Nigerian schools has been a major issue of concern. Majority of schools lack the essential resources for imparting the knowledge of scientific concepts to learners, many learners learn little science and learning tends to be by rote and many students find science not interesting hence boring

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Unfortunately the governmentof the day is doing little or nothing to make it happen as the need demands. However, parents can take the opportunity this is creating in our today’s world to enroll their kids in many technology development programs that spans from basic computer appreciation through other technology vocational trainings. In this regard, the ICT Center of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu located at the Cathedral Secretariat, Holy Ghost Cathedral presents a perfect platform for guardians and parents to utilize in this push. The center provides teaching services spanning through basic computer appreciation, 3D graphics training, web development and multimedia trainings.  Prospective students are availed the opportunity to be exposed in the dynamic world of technology as they aspire to stand out and rule their world.

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The present and the future lies in information and technology and when kids who we believe are the hope and the leaders of tomorrow gets to have a fill of the needed skills in this regard, they will not only own their future but will be able to lead the next generation of advance tech experts.



















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