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Nigeria: Nnamdi Kanu saw it coming but we chose not to listen

It has now become a case of one week one daring act of insensitivity by the federal government with her body posture towards national issues. With currently evolving cases of  the marauding killer herdsmen and now the deadly kidnapping wing of it, the nation have been living in palpable fear over who might be the next victim.

The many steps taken by the present administration have only heightened the long held fear that there is an ongoing sinister agenda to either Islamize this country through a barbaric strategy or to out rightly Fulanize the nation through an induced crises with what has been tagged farmers/herdsmen clash or herdsmen/indigenous people clash while the federal government acts complacently. If not, how can one explain the reported take over by the herdsmen of communities ransacked by them in Jos, Taraba  and in Benue states and unfortunately some of these communities have been earmarked as part of the areas for the now suspended RUGA policy.

For the purpose of this article, it will be concise to take us back to 2014 when the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu blew the whistle on what he tagged an agenda by powers that be to enslave the country into a perpetual Fulani led oligarch, which will subject the entire nation to its barbaric rule.

The Pro Biafran leader said, “Fulani Herdsmen will be armed and encouraged to slaughter us with impunity and their masters will protect them. They are coming to ensure that people are enslaved forever, those who don’t believe me will soon see it happen before their eyes. They are coming to elevate Hausa-Fulani supremacy to reposition the security agencies by sacking all competent hands and replace them with their Fulani Herdsmen to drive their ethnic domination of Biafrans and other tribes in Nigeria”


Today’s development in the country has not only given credence to the said Prophecy by Nnamdi Kanu but has shown that every word spoken by him is eventually coming to pass, however, anyone can beg to defer.

The realities facing us in this country has not only buttressed the fears we’ve held but has perhaps kept us in a helpless position, probably, because the leaders we have relied on to speak out have all kept mute, maybe, due to the continued shameless crumbs they have continued to eat from the table of their masters because of selfish vested political interest.

With The combination of the alleged 100 billion Naira to Miyetti Allah, withdrawal of gun license to citizens, federal government floating a Fulani only radio station, as well as with the Ruga settlement policy, many have attributed it as the beginning of the opening of the floodgates of hell in Nigeria. Sadly many more will die before we all come to our senses that Nnamdi Kanu indeed spoke out the truth.

Now, almost everyone not in the circles of the sycophant praise singing politicians and charlatans lurking around the corridors of power, have continued to reecho the fears and warnings of Nnamdi Kanu.

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From the likes of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo to the apex Socio Political Igbo Group, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, they have re-echoed that fear and have called for a national awareness for everyone to beware.  For benefit of doubt, President Buhari has been called to rise to the occasion of uniting this country and show strong leadership in arresting the growing tension brewing along ethnic lines.

Former President Obasanajo who shared same sentiment in his latest letter have called on the federal government to show leadership, though as expected, his message have been met with mixed reaction even with the federal government in her usual postulation dismissed the advice, calling it a distraction.

However, the message has been passed and the message is still being passed. The body language of many Nigerians have not shifted ground and they need to see a  government that will be disturbed more with finding solutions to the many daunting challenges bedeviling her citizens. Challenges like, improving power supply in the country, creating enabling environment for SMEs to thrive to attract foreign direct investment for a holistic growth of the environment, providing adequate security as well as addressing the social welfare of the nation.

The average Nigerian finds it hard to understand why a government should dabble into policies that will give the impression that the interest and affairs of a particular ethnic group has become a national interest and must be pursued vigorously with the nation’s resources.

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Now, it is glaring to all well-meaning Nigerians that there is more to meet the eyes than the many things the federal government have been selling to Nigerians.

The federal government needs to listen to reason and be sensitive to the voice of the people. Every socio political  and socio economic group in this country have been voicing out on how deplorable  the state of affairs in the country is becoming  and as such a listening government that is poised to do the right thing will need to rise to take responsibility  and take charge of this nation. The unabated kidnappings by suspected Fulani Herdsmen across the country is becoming like a well-organized linked criminal cartel being promoted by vested interests whose intention is still unknown.

It is believed that the federal government holds all the state infrastructures to counter this ugly development and quell the activities of these criminals having a field day in our high ways.   Obviously, the situation in the country  has gotten to a scary level and if nothing is done as soon as possible to nip this rising calamity to the bud, we might end up as not just the crime headquarters of the world, but a laughing stock to the world.

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