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Federal Government! Do the right thing, save Nigeria from impending doom

One thing every true concerned citizen of Nigeria will agree on will be that the rising insecurity in Nigeria has finally gotten to its peak and worrisome level.

The country is now at the brink of a full blown anarchy. The people have been left at the mercy of marauding criminals across the country. Now, it is no longer a thing of just one part of the country, the unfortunate development rearing its ugly head has now cut across boards and continued to bite heavily on everyone.

The complacent and nonchalant posture of the Federal Government has not only exasperated it, it has also established a long held impression that a certain group of criminals from a perceived favored tribe have been accrued the power and monopoly whether official or unofficial to not only intimidate the entire nation but also to undermine both the territorial integrity of this country and everything that composed her status as a state.

The seeming confusion and of every security buildup of this nation has thrown many into bewilderment and has further proven the fear that Nigeria is on a steady move to destruction with no hope of resuscitation. How can one explain the inability of the federal government to secure Nigerians especially with the booming business of kidnapping which has become an everyday occurrence with every Nigerian being a potential target?

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How can one further explain that in the midst of even serious daunting challenges bedeviling the country, a supposed central government is seen vigorously pushing for the interest of a particular tribe while the rest of the many tribes that characterize the diversity of the nation are held on the jugular to accept whatever anti-people policy thrown to them?

The lawlessness in the land has tremendously increased to a scary level. An interest group could hold a press conference to threaten an entire region to either accept a policy they rejected or be ready to face what they implied as a consequence and nothing was done by the authority to apprehend such group for the effrontery to threaten an entire region.

Such inactions of the central government has only shown what holds out for the nation and with the deafening silence, it has only portrayed the message that a federal government that is supposed to be for all is not necessarily for all but for just the interest of a region above others.

As Obasanjo rightly said in his latest letter to the Presidency on the state of things in the country, he said; “The main issue, if I may dare say, is poor management or mismanagement of diversity which, on the other hand, is one of our greatest and most important assets. As a result, very onerous cloud is gathering. And rain of destruction, violence, disaster and disunity can only be the outcome. Nothing should be taken for granted; the clock is ticking with the cacophony of dissatisfaction and disaffection everywhere in and outside the country. The Presidency and the Congress in the US have signaled to us to put our house in order. The House of Lords in the UK had debated the Nigerian security situation. We must understand and appreciate the significance, implication and likely consequences of such concerns and deliberations.”

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Furthermore the former President Obsanajo however enumerated certain calamities that need to be avoided if this nation is to remain an invisible entity in the coming year. He said; “To be explicit and without equivocation, Mr. President and General, I am deeply worried about four avoidable calamities:

  1. Abandoning Nigeria into the hands of criminals who are all being suspected, rightly or wrongly, as Fulanis and terrorists of Boko Haram type;
  2. Spontaneous or planned reprisal attacks against Fulanis which may inadvertently or advertently mushroom into pogrom or Rwanda-type genocide that we did not believe could happen and yet it happened.
  3. Similar attacks against any other tribe or ethnic group anywhere in the country initiated by rumors, fears, intimidation and revenge capable of leading to pogrom;
  4. Violent uprising, beginning from one section of the country and spreading quickly to other areas and leading to dismemberment of the country.”
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As expected, this message have been dismissed as a distraction by the government on seat and this is not coming as a surprise considering how it have waved off similar advice in the past.

However, it is important to note that, no nation survives on its own without a concerted effort by those with the real power to make things happen. Unfortunately the embers of disunity is heavily fanned currently and the drumbeats of war has increasingly remained resounding to the hearing of all. Further bloodsheds can be avoided and a nation can be saved from an impending doom if the Buhari led government can rise up to her responsibility and unite Nigeria while jettisoning unhealthy politics and use his second term to make things right with all sincerity .


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