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Marriage is a combination of families rather than persons. The man marries into a family just as the woman marries into a family. This is why it becomes necessary for us to consider how to deal with different characters in a union called marriage especially when there are extended family members. The idea of marriage in Africa extends beyond the husband and wife to include: children, Aunties, Uncles, grandparents and so on.

The extended family plays a monumental role in the development of a person as all family members try to support one another in whatever way they can. However, the family, just like many other social institutions, has its fair share of moments when things begin to go wrong. Issues that plague the family are varied and some can be extremely injurious.

Here are some tried and true methods for handling common family problems.

Family Feuds

One issue which often bedevils the extended family is family disputes. Several issues may trigger a feud among extended family members. Notable among them is the sharing of the estate of a grandparent who dies, especially if the dead grandparent had many children. Such extended family issues can best be solved by a neutral family head. In African families, there are family heads and these people are expected to mediate impartially in any such family issue. If it turns out that the family head has aligned himself to one faction, it is advisable that the family calls upon a family friend or priest who is very well-respected by the family members to mediate between the feuding groups.

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Conflict between demands of extended and nuclear families

Anytime you find yourself entangled in a situation where you have very limited resources and a family member keeps hassling you for assistance while, at the same time, your nuclear family demands that help, you have to explain the issue to the extended family member with the greatest sense of honesty. You must also, lovingly, assure the family member of your readiness and willingness to help if things were better. You shouldn’t help the relative at the expense of your nuclear family, unless failure to help the relative would result in extremely dire consequences.

Unexpected house guests

Some family members who travel from another city to the city where you live in might decide to stay in your home. Courtesy demands they let you know they intend to stay in your house before they even embark on the journey. Uninvited relatives may be very uncomfortable for your spouse, especially if you do not have adequate space in your house.

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It is important that you explain the necessity of prior notification to family members who do that. Explain that having relatives stay without being told beforehand can be very uncomfortable to you, your spouse and your children. Gently insist that next time you get informed before any such visit.

Intrusion into your marriage

Another extended family issue which can pose a great discomfort is the problem associated with intrusion of relatives in one’s marriage. For instance, in most African marriages, when a couple doesn’t have children after a number of years, the family of the man usually tends to attack the woman for ”her inability to give them a child.” Such an intrusion can be extremely disturbing.

Be gently firm in making it clear to the family members where the line is drawn. Certain delicate issues in the marriage must be kept only between the husband and the wife. Do not invite family members into the marriage indiscriminately. Be extremely careful and selective about who you invite to help solve problems in your marriage. You must make it clear to family members that you will not accept any intrusion into your marriage. Marriage is supposed to unite the families of the couple. Therefore, the doors and windows of the marriage should be opened to all family members. However, be careful not to allow this union of families to insidiously metamorphose into an intrusion

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In addition to the above, the wife and husband have to consider the following:


Be prepared to have them

Always see Christ in them

Stay away from family argument

Talk to your spouse first

Always be ready to let go of offenses



Correct your wife privately

Avoid blaming your wife in their presence

Establish healthy boundaries

Never forget your mission in marriage encourage and promote family prayers


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