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As another term kicks off…


May 29th, 2019 will herald yet another four years. It will commence another era, a new democratic dispensation even though the riders of this train have been in charge since 2015. So far, the promises of the past four years have already gone into oblivion. The much promised security, jobs, improved economy as well as infrastructural development have all become an illusion for Nigerians that had high anticipation that this current administration will unequivocally deliver on the campaign promises that sailed them to power in 2015.

However, for the strong faith we have for Nigeria and for her progress, the next four years presents a golden opportunity to do the needful and salvage this country from her current depressing challenges. As the President begins his second term in the office, it is important that he rises to the occasion and nip in the bud the growth quagmire the nation has been trapped in

First of all, there’s a need to reorganize the Nation’s management team. A good management team does wonders, no matter the inabilities and incompetence of the leader. Conversely, a bad management team will run the establishment aground, no matter how brilliant and diligent the leader is. The President must therefore agree and decide to assemble the brightest stars from every part of Nigeria for the common good of Nigerians. He can pick from any and every sphere of the society, politicians, professionals, academics or a blend of these. That is his choice. What is important is that his squad must be one of round pegs in round holes. His current line-up has been the weakest in the history of governance in Nigeria.

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This will be best captured in the words of Dele Momodu; ”When the government of the day, not just the President decides to embrace merit and meritocracy, competence and capacity, diligence and assiduousness, performance will improve at all levels. The President must put an end to the parochialism and nepotism that is currently ravaging Nigeria. If he fails to see the debilitating effects of the way Nigeria is presently configured, then there is no hope o  f a greater Nigeria in sight, in the near future. Nigeria cannot continue to run on primordial sentiments and expect to catch up with the rest of the civilized world in the foreseeable future. That is the sad reality. Next, Buhari must encourage Democracy to thrive”.

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As a matter of urgency, the priority areas should also be how to tackle the spate of senseless killings, improve the economy, upgrade our educational systems, break the jinx of power outages and work urgently on healthcare. The poverty level in Nigeria makes it easy for young ones to become desperately disillusioned and take up arms against their fatherland.

The government should commit to policies and programme that will accelerate economic growth and ensure that the growth rate surpasses the rate of growth of population. Private sector investment is a critical growth driver; therefore, the government should commit to the creation of an enabling environment to bring about a quantum leap in private investment.

Corruption must be tackled head long,  fought strenuously and unsparingly in a nonselective manner to ensure non protection of one side of politics against the other in which political carpet crossing will not guarantee the forgiveness of  corruption offences of defectors into the ruling Party.

The anti-corruption agencies must be reformed to be more effective and proactive in responding to corruption issues in line with global best practices.

President Buhari must continue to demonstrate boldness in tackling corruption in the military, legislature and the judiciary and the searchlight must further be beamed on the executive in a more visible and confidence building manner without creating any shred of doubt about providing coverage for anybody however highly connected and placed.

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In fighting corruption, all toes must not only be ruthlessly stepped on, the legs that carry the toes must be crushed using the law.

With Corruption out of the way of Nigeria, there will be available resources left for the building of Roads and Bridges, Construct power infrastructures which will be available for the Manufacturers, Industrialists and for social services towards inducing  employment and creating  new capacities for better revenue generation.

Unless we reduce the excesses of government and its operatives and make funds readily available for those with talents, we will find out that we are sitting on a tinderbox. The devastating consequences for our country can only best be imagined.


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