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Editorial: Saving Nigeria from ‘Banana Republic’ status

According to Wikipedia, the term banana republic describes a politically unstable country with an economy dependent upon the exportation of a limited-resource product. Typically, a banana republic has a society of extremely stratified social classes, usually a large impoverished working class and a ruling-class plutocracy, composed of the business, political and military elites of that society.

Already it is no longer news to both keen followers and non-followers of developments in the country that strange things are happening in Nigeria. These happen with such great rapidity and intensity that most normal people are asking questions in utter amazement. Many have asked what have become very difficult questions about this country: Is this country cursed? What is happening? Is anybody running this country? Who is safe in Nigeria now? Why are we not doing something to change the dangerous course Nigeria is on? What else will happen in this country before people take action?

One could feel the anger and frustration in their looks and voices. They had many things bothering them.  In trying to find out the issues uppermost in their minds, one will notice that their anger and frustration seemed to have been accentuated by the recent developments at all level in the country.

From unbridled corruption even with all the razzmatazz and media upheavals caused by the noise with the fight over corruption, the country has kept on wallowing in its worst form of corruption ever recorded.  What of the intensified banditry and terrorism in virtually every part of the northern Nigeria as well as the increasing cases of police brutality and kidnapping in the South, it is quite obvious that the government of the day is not just in dilemma in finding ways of tackling the many issues bedeviling us, it somehow posed as a government that has lacked control in all spheres as far as the protection of lives and property is concerned.
Practically everyone is expressing alarm that Nigeria has become one large killing field where people are murdered daily in cold blood by Boko Haram insurgents and the Fulani cattle herdsmen. They were wondering why the government cannot stop the daily killing in Benue, Nassarawa, Taraba, and Plateau states by either militant Fulani herdsmen or the “marauders trained in Libya by Gaddafi “according to PMB. They are bothered by the free day bandits are having in kidnapping people along Kaduna/Abuja road as well as killings in Zamfara and fear that soon, these killers may move to South as the herdsmen have done severally, killing, maiming and confiscating farmlands in places in Enugu, Anambra, Abia, Delta, Edo, Ondo and Ekiti states.

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Secondly, they argued that the primary activity of any government in the world is to protect lives and property of its citizens and visitors.  Since Nigerians are virtually left on their own to protect themselves from all kinds of miscreants bellowing for blood of citizens and the government seems helpless or unconcerned, then they could conclude that either there is no government or the government has become so incompetent that it cannot perform the most basic and primary role of government.

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People keep wondering endlessly why the government has failed to discipline the security agencies for poor performance. Obviously, what is going on is pure failure of the security agencies to perform and just like The Choice Flame Newspaper, wondered why the Presidency has not seen the need to discipline the leaders of the security forces, not even by a rebuke, not to talk of firing them.


Also, the bizarre disobedience to court rulings and the arrogant disregard to the rule of law and constitutional provisions by the government of the day has set a very terrible precedence in the working of things in the country to say the less. The government of the day chooses which court order to obey and the ones not to obey especially when the court pronouncement is not in her favor.  This has made many to question the intention of those in the power if one of the basic and most essential responsibilities of the state to uphold the constitution and rule of law has been jettisoned for impunity and blatant disregard of the rules for immediate selfish interest. However said, the survival of the country should remain a collective effort for all and as such both the citizenry and the state with all her apparatus should strive to see that decorum is maintained and our society is one run with sanity to maintain order and avoid what will become a catastrophic state of anarchy where rules don’t matter. All hands have to be on deck because Nigeria cannot keep tilting towards lawlessness and abuse of power at all level.

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