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Presidential election has come and gone, the Southeast zone awaits in awe the fate of their result. In 2015, Buhari contested with Mr. Jonathan for the first time in an election that enthroned him into the presidential seat. As traditional with most Nigerian politicians, Buhari again showed interest to contest. As usual, he came to Enugu- the central unity of the southeast to seek for their mandate to retain his presidential seat. Igbos converged en masse and welcomed Mr. President – an indication that the southeast or the Igbos did not hate his person.  But, there was still another temptation, a political huddle, which the southeast like any other zone could not easily surmount in such an electoral period. That is, the selections of Mr. Peter Obi as the running mate of PDP presidential candidate Malam Ahlaji Atiku. In Nigeria today, vote is cast based on party other than the personality. PDP has over several years in power failed Nigerians both at the state and federal levels. There is no gainsay that PDP was not worth any Nigerian vote for any reason(s) except that the Southeast this time saw Mr. Obi as the Moses coming to save them from the bondage of hardship, exclusion and marginalization at the federal level. Just like in the period of Jonathan, history has repeated itself again.  Malam Mohammadu Buhari was declared victorious after 2019 presidential election. But, there is no cause for alarm, since it’s not yet the 9th hour.

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the election has been concluded and few dubious politicians have been declared
winners against the will of the masses. Recall the election was postponed by
the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) Boss against the initial
schedules without cogent apology, without proper consent. Buhari ironically
expressed his disgust on INEC over the postponement as if he was not informed
prior to the pronouncement of the cancelation at 2am Saturday 16 February 2019.
This is Nigeria; the masses were neither shaken nor felt disfranchised in mind but
patiently waited. On the 23rd February 2019, the presidential
election was held and Nigerians saw the magic that enthroned Buhari to
presidential seat the second time. Thank God for the electoral observers both
the local and international who were witnesses to the snatching of electoral
boxes, the attack of INEC officers, poor security personnel and the pressuring of
the electorates in Lagos to vote for APC or desert from the polling units. All
these, among others, are incidents that engulfed the 2019 presidential polls.
Above all, the long waiting before the result alone made the masses believe
that the madness has repeated itself again. Therefore, the Southeast and
Nigeria in general stand still to see the Best of Buhari.  On May 29th the journey for another
four years will kick off, as Mohammadu Buhari will be sworn in as the president
of Nigeria the second time. Other countries have started bidding the president
with messages of best wishes while Nigeria waits to see the president in

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is no gain say buttressing the fact that most Africans or Nigerians in
particular love power. The reason for this is also obvious; hence the answer
has been the material quest. Almost all the Nigerian leaders may have wished
they died in power, otherwise why would someone who ruled as military head of
state still want to serve first and second tenures as a civilian president-
only in Nigeria.  In his speech, Mr.
President addressing the party members had said that the reason he carried his
campaigns across all the geo- political zones of the federation was first to
prove to his rivals that he is strong and healthy. And second, to ensure that
no state is left out in his administration. But these statements posed big
metaphysical questions in the minds of the people. Mr. President also has re-stated
corruption as part of the agenda to pursue with more seriousness. He vowed to
remember the youths of Nigeria who have been lazy for many years this time
around. One wonders perhaps, how Buhari will start to fighting corruption – a magic
he will perform differently this period. 
Evil cannot fight devil, whether Mr. president was fighting
shadows or not we have seen in his first four years what he meant by fighting
corruption. He cannot deny even that the elections which brought him back as
president eluded corruption. So, how can Buhari win this fight, or better still
show equity to all the states irrespective of their number of votes cast? “Man know thyself” says Socrates. Buhari
should examine himself and be realistic to Nigerians.  Well, it is a journey of four years and we
will soon know if fighting corruption meant favoring fellow political
aggrandizers, those who loot the nation’s treasuries. While, those who form
opposition are merely prosecuted because they belong to another bloc.
Corruption means an impairment of integrity, virtue or moral principle; this
has being there even before the first tenure. The means always justifies the
end. God bless Nigeria.

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Agbo Emmanuel Abuchi

Chikezie Ogbonna Administrator
Chikezie Ogbonna Onyenonuzochi is a passionate Journalist, Web Developer, Photographer, and a Film Maker. He is the editorial manager of The Choice Flame Newspaper and has deep passion for innovative story telling geared towards development at all level
Chikezie Ogbonna Administrator
Chikezie Ogbonna Onyenonuzochi is a passionate Journalist, Web Developer, Photographer, and a Film Maker. He is the editorial manager of The Choice Flame Newspaper and has deep passion for innovative story telling geared towards development at all level
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