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I am APGA’s authentic gubernatorial candidate for Enugu State – Chief Nwankpa

Chief Honorable Emma Nwankpa has asserted his credibility as the rightful gubernatorial candidate for the All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA.

Speaking to the Choiceflame crew, the honorable hinted that he has all documents that prove his claim as the party’s representative for the governorship position in the election.

He said, “I was with the Vice Presidential candidate and the same question popped up. He said that in Abia they have a candidate and someone as well also going to court. We allow people to exercise their democratic rights.

It’s quite possible and some people are encouraging him either from within our party or from another party because by sustaining his activities they tend to weaken the fabrics of the party machinery. He’s also making it stronger on the other side of the coin”.

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In his response on his level of preparedness to get things running if elected into office as governor he said that he has the experience, knowledge, skill, and the courage to effectively carry out the responsibility.

The APGA gubernatorial candidate hinted that one of the solutions to avoid further clash between herdsmen and various communities is ranching rather than allowing cows to be destroying farms.

Honorable Nwankpa further explained that when cattle are ranched, they tend to be fat and succulent adding that the meat could contain snake’s venom as a result of walking the cows through bushes.

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He said his government will develop the rural hub to reduce urban migration as the cities are saturated.

Honorable Nwankpa said, “London grew to 14 million as of 1966 but by the time I left London 19 years later the population went down to about 8 million because they encouraged companies to shift their headquarters from London to the regions (local government).  Once you do it you don’t pay tax for 5 years and that’s an encouragement. The companies with the help of government reduction in tax started building estates to provide accommodation for their workers”.

The APGA gubernatorial candidate also stressed that job creation will go a long way in curbing the incessant unrest and terrorism.

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He further decried the gross misappropriation of public funds by a handful of people and quoted Wole Soyinka who said, “The problem with Nigeria is not tribalism, not religion but poverty which has divided the country”.

This he said will be the major problem his administration will focus on when elected into office.

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