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Bishop Obodo calls for humility, forgiveness, endurance … urges citizens to vote out bad leaders

The Auxiliary Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Rev.Ernest Obodo has urged Christians to learn humility, forgiveness and endurance from Jesus whom he described as an exceptional King.

Bishop Obodo who stated this during the Christmas Carol of nine lessons organized at Holy Ghost Cathedral added that when we are unforgiving in our hearts we in most cases bear the brunt.

The auxiliary bishop explained that peace is not the absence of war but is the foundation of human development.

He expressed his appreciation for the peace enjoyed in Enugu which according to him is as a result of having a Government and people that care.

He said, “We stand the chance of correcting our errors by voting out those who instigate violence and voting in those who are peaceful. We should no longer tolerate leaders who supervise killing of innocent citizens whom they swore to protect. I implore everybody to make good use of the opportunity we have to retain good leaders and to vote out bad leaders. It is our Christian responsibility. If we don’t do that we have ourselves to blame’’.

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While quoting Plato who said that ‘the punishment for those who refuse to participate in politics is to be ruled by evil people,’ the Bishop said there is a problem in Igbo land where political apathy persists among the people.

‘‘Let us come out and say we want peaceful people.  But first of all let us vote Jesus the prince of peace. Let us vote him in our private lives, in our work place and by performing our civic responsibility of voting credible individuals. When we do this we are sure that we have not recycled bad leaders” he stressed.

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Also in his sermon, the Auxiliary Bishop cautioned the people against moral blindness. According to him, moral blindness is when man can no longer distinguish between good and evil and even worse when we have spiritual blindness which is a point when we no longer distinguish between humanity and divinity.

The Europeans according to the Bishop believe they can do everything without God, while in Nigeria, people say ‘‘God does everything and man does nothing’’. Continuing, the Bishop gave an instance, where a bus could be parked for 12 years and brought into the streets to pick passengers from Enugu to Onitsha with the passengers praying and shouting Holy Ghost fire as the vehicle begins to malfunction thereby putting the passengers life at risk.

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He further urged Christians to avoid moral and spiritual blindness.








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